GranMah is a Dub / Reggae Fusion band from Mozambique that started in a garage in 2009. Today, the band has 6 members, Luis Silva (guitarist), Leo Fernandes (bass guitarist), Migz Wilson (drummer), Regina dos Santos (vocalist), Miguel Marques (keyboard player) and Ricardo Conceição (saxophonist).

They recorded an LP and have been featured on various TV and radio shows. In 2012, they won a public contest to open the Mozambique Music Awards gala, with their first single, Starlight Stardust. The second single of the band, which is the first official video titled “I Got To Move” was featured on all national TV channels. In addition to performing at various venues for live music in Mozambique, the local festivals experience includes the Azgo Festival (1st, 3rd and 6th Editions), Downwind Kitesurf Festival (Vilanculos), Music Festival at the Franco Moçambicano Cultural Center (Maputo), and “Festival da Terra” in Inhambane (Tofo). They also ventured beyond borders representing Mozambique in international festivals such as the WeHeartDub in Johannesburg (South Africa), Park Acoustics in Pretoria (AS), Route40Festival of music at WhiteRiver in Mpumalanga (AS), Kome Caves Beer Festival in Lesotho and HIFA  (Zimbabwe) where they were voted as one of the “Three performances that surprised us in this edition of HIFA 2015 ” by the site 3-mob.com after a ”magic performance” on the ZOL stage in Zimbabwe.

In 2014 the GranMah were nominated for 3 categories at the Mozambique Music Awards, including Breakthrough Artist, Best Video and Best Alternative Song, having won the latter.

They participated in an advertising campaign for a popular bottled water brand in Mozambique, “Vumba”, where the group used their original song “New Years.”

In 2016 they adapted the song from the Coca-Cola campaign “Taste the Feeling” to the Portuguese version “Saboreia a sensação”. Vocalist Regina dos Santos, participated in the 4th season of the Coke Studio as a revelation artist, together with the famous Nigerian artist 2Baba and artist Remah from Uganda.

They released their first album in late December 2015. Currently Granmah is working on releasing their first live DVD in early 2018.